Whether you go to Jade Financial Group, Financial Advisers in Ipswich or do it yourself, you’re going to need a financial plan.

A good financial planner is a personalised plan, tailored specifically to your situation and needs.   It should provide a summary of your existing financial position at the time, as well as look at your future goals.  A financial plan should explain how you can reach your goals.  It should show how the carefully chosen investments that meet your risk profile, work together as part of your overall strategy.  A good plan discloses and explains risks and how they can be overcome or minimised.  It should also state all costs involved and state any commissions your Adviser will receive from the investments recommended.

Visit Money Smart the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website, for more information about financial advice and planning.

For more information about financial plans phone Jade Financial Group, Financial Planners in Ipswich.on Ph: 07 3202 2470.

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