Our First Meeting

Our first meeting, or our ‘Meet & Greet’ is really just about getting to know each other.   We will ask you, all about You.  Where you are now, your expectations, how you would like to live your life, any goals that are important to you, and the facts and figures.

We will conduct a Fact Find with you.  This will ask you about your personal circumstances and your attitude towards risk.  Your risk attitude looks at whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, or somewhere in between.

Don’t be surprised when we ask for detailed personal information as we really need it to put together a much personalised financial plan.

Some of the things we will ask you for will include:

  • Age
  • Current personal income
  • Family income
  • Future income
  • Day-to-day expenses
  • Assets & liabilities
  • Mortgages and Loans
  • Tax paid and Tax owed
  • Super
  • Insurance
  • Current Investments
  • Health

We will also need to have considered your goals and current financial position. So here a some things to think about before your appointment:

  • When you want to retire
  • How you want to educate your children
  • Whether a second home, or a holiday house is important to you
  • Do you have dependants you need to provide for if you are unable to work or pass away
  • Whether you have an up to date will
  • If you are happy with your existing Lender
  • Whether you are expecting any large expenses.

And any other information you feel is relevant or anything that is really important to you.

If you have any further questions please just ask when you make your appointment to see one of our Financial Specialists on Ph: 3202 2470.

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