Empower all Communities we serve to improve their Financial Wellbeing.

Our philosophy is to inspire you to make informed decisions about your Financial Planning goals and objectives.  We achieve this by developing an intimate and effective understanding of your vision.  Underpinning this framework is our belief that you build the foundation of the future today and monitor the plan over time to ensure success.

Getting to know each other is our first priority.  We are a well-established local business serving Ipswich and the Western Corridor for 30 years.  We provide personalised advice programs for our Clients to help them achieve their goals and enjoy realising their dreams… Sooner.  At Jade Financial Group we have a Professional Advice Team who partner with our Client Services Team to deliver advice and service in a friendly and professional manner.


Our Vision

We passionately believe every person can realise their dreams through empowerment, education, support and guidance; unlocking their potential.

Our Top 3 Values

We won’t bore you with the 21 Values our team came up with, but these are our top 3:

Family happiness – We are a family business in the way that we conduct ourselves, and treat our Team and Clients.  Our Team  all agree that family happiness is the most important thing to them. This translates to our work environment in many ways, however the most important is that we are here to help our Clients.

Integrity – We value the importance of consistent honesty and doing the right thing for each Individual Client’s circumstance and lifestyle.

Diligence – We perform tasks conscientiously, with great attention to small details.  And with attentiveness and effort.  When we carry out work for a Client, we don’t just lodge a form, anyone can do that.  We make sure the information is correct first to prevent delays in processing. We make sure it’s sent to the right person or place. We then keep in touch with our product providers and follow up with them regularly until a product is implemented.  Once implemented, we make sure all the details of the product are correct, and still the best option for our Client.  We also follow up on an annual basis in case products change, expire, or a no longer the Client’s best option.


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