Jade FG’s Investment Philosophy will become the core of your investment portfolio.

We believe in using a variety of fund managers whom complement each other, in order to deliver to you an outcome within your risk profile and one that keeps in mind your individual risk tolerance.

You will not even notice a lot of this process, but you will hear about it from us.  We have adopted an investment committee  and we continue to study and keep our knowledge current.  Dianne is a member of the Portfolio Construction Investment Academy in Sydney.  This group is limited in numbers and attracts some of the leading Analysts in the industry.  These sessions require interaction and prior study, and are conducted in a lecture/workshop environment.  Dianne has found this group to be very dynamic and the presenters are leaders in their field, not only in Australia but world wide.  Jade FG is very pleased to be accepted into this group.

We also conduct regular meetings with fund managers we invest our Client’s money with.  These relationships are critical in ensuring our Client’s hard earned money is invested as instructed,  and any potential upcoming issues are identified as early as possible.  Continuing these relationships has been very rewarding in the past as most of these specialists are invited along to our Client Updates to talk to you.

The passion for us here at Jade FG is to invest our Client’s money in the appropriate way in quality fund managers with proven track records.  Dianne is qualified in many areas including directs shares and SMSFs.  We continue to keep ourselves informed daily on the global, and local issues that can affect your investments.

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