About Us

About Us

Why should you work with us? We will give you the education and guidance to help you manage your money and secure your future.

Benjamin Franklin said an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

For Di Charman, Managing Director of Jade Financial Group, Ben couldn’t have said it better.

Since becoming a financial planner almost 20 years ago, Di has made financial literacy her priority.

Di established Jade Financial Group in 2010 with one goal in mind, providing financial education for women, for families and for herself.

To further feed her passion, Di also founded Jade Kids Foundation in 2010 with the aim of teaching the next generation the value of money and how to make better choices for their futures.

Through her Embrace workshops, Di has been empowering women at every stage of their lives to take control of their finances and ensure they have the financial security they need and deserve.

Di’s tireless work at Jade Financial, Jade Kids and Embrace, has improved the financial literacy and security of hundreds of clients.

Her own education is every bit as important to Di and she spends many hours attending seminars, conferences and industry functions to ensure she is able to provide the most up-to-date information and strategies to all her clients.

Di has been a certified financial planner since 2000 after receiving her Diploma in Financial Planning in 1998. Di also achieved a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning in 2010 and is currently studying a Masters in Financial Planning.

An active member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), Di previously served as the Queensland director on the AFA board. Di’s commitment to improving Financial Literacy through the AFA is continuing with her leadership of the association’s Financial Literacy Working Group on important issues for women and our elderly.

Di works untiringly in her local community and is an active member of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. Since 2013 Di has been a committee member of the Ipswich City Youth Service, currently serving as treasurer.

Di is also treasurer of eS4W, an organisation that supports economic security for women and is the National Chair of the AFA Inspire group that connects women with financial advice.

Her support for the community was recognised in 2014 when Jade FG was awarded the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year award.  More recently Di and Jade FG have qualified as “Most Trusted Adviser” status from the Beddoes Institute, voted by her clients, and was the 2015 AMP Financial Planner of the Year.

Visitors to Jade FG’s office often comment on the friendly and relaxed atmosphere when they walk in. Di’s aim is to ensure clients feel engaged and secure in the knowledge that they will be looked after, along with their finances.

Our First Meeting

When we first meet we like to get to know you and you us.   We will ask you, all about You.  Where you are now, your expectations, how you would like to live your life, any goals that are important to you, and the facts and figures.

We will conduct a Fact Find with you.  This will ask you about your personal circumstances and your attitude towards risk.  Your risk attitude looks at whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, or somewhere in between.

Don’t be surprised when we ask for detailed personal information as we really need it to put together a much-personalised financial plan.

Some of the things we will ask you for will include:

  • Age
  • Income and expenses
  • Tax paid and Tax owed
  • Super and insurance
  • Current Investments
  • Health

We will also need to have considered your goals and current financial position. So here a some things to think about before your appointment:

  • When you want to retire
  • How you want to educate your children
  • Whether a second home, or a holiday house is important to you
  • Do you have dependants you need to provide for if you are unable to work or pass away
  • Whether you have an up to date will
  • If you are happy with your existing Lender
  • Whether you are expecting any large expenses.

How safe is your investment

Jade FG’s Investment Philosophy will become the core of your investment portfolio.

We believe in using a variety of fund managers whom complement each other, in order to deliver to you an outcome within your risk profile and one that keeps in mind your individual risk tolerance.

You will not even notice a lot of this process, but you will hear about it from us.  We have adopted an investment committee and we continue to study and keep our knowledge current.  Dianne is a member of the Portfolio Construction Investment Academy in Sydney.  This group is limited in numbers and attracts some of the leading Analysts in the industry.  These sessions require interaction and prior study, and are conducted in a lecture/workshop environment.  Dianne has found this group to be very dynamic and the presenters are leaders in their field, not only in Australia but world wide.  Jade FG is very pleased to be accepted into this group.

We also conduct regular meetings with fund managers we invest our Client’s money with.  These relationships are critical in ensuring our Client’s hard earned money is invested as instructed,  and any potential upcoming issues are identified as early as possible.  Continuing these relationships has been very rewarding in the past as most of these specialists are invited along to our Client Updates to talk to you.

The passion for us here at Jade FG is to invest our Client’s money in the appropriate way in quality fund managers with proven track records.  Dianne is qualified in many areas including directs shares and SMSFs.  We continue to keep ourselves informed daily on the global, and local issues that can affect your investments.

What is financial planning advice?

Jade Financial Group, Financial Planners in Ipswich provide financial planning advice.

Financial planning advice helps you plan and manage your money to work towards making your dreams and goals become a reality. Whatever your situation, there are 7 key building blocks (sometimes called ‘strategies’) that we can use, in combination, to help make the most of your money.