What is Integrity?

Our Values

Values are an important way to anchor your beliefs and express your integrity.

Importantly your values are expressed through your actions and words.

The Jade Team have adopted the 15 Traits of Integrity as our Anchor to our Values as a team.

Here are our Values and what we believe it means.

Be where they say they will be, do what they say they’ll do


Report back if they cant do what they said they would do.
Take ownership of tasks until it’s finished
Show up to work on time, they’re the friend you want an airport pickup from they mean what they say and say what they mean.
They have your back

Sharing the spotlight

They know that no man is an island, they always share recognition where it warrants sharing.
They know the power of teamwork


It’s hard to have high levels of integrity and be really full of yourself.
No one likes a braggart and no one trusts them either.
Being humble in everything we do, is being grateful for what we have.

Working to find a solution

Even people with the best moral compass and a stringent code of ethics will find themselves in an argument or disagreement at one point or another. It’s human nature. People with integrity stick with it until an issue has been resolved. If it’s a problem for you, it’s a problem for them too. Collaboration wins the day, there is always a way, it just may not be the easiest path


Finding a genuine person might be a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Being genuine means being sincere in everything you do. When they smile at you, you know it’s realy. You can just feel it.


You can tell a lot about a person based on how they talk to the server at a restaurant. Genuine people don’t treat the waitstaff as second-class citizens. But you can also tell a lot about someone based on how they tip, donate to a cause in need, or discuss money among friends and family. A person of integrity knows abundance, and are quick to share theirs. They know there’s more where that came from. Being generous with your most precious asset, your time is true generosity to a person in need.

Lending a hand

Someone who doesn’t mind giving their time, perhaps even more than their money, obviously cares deeply for other people. They know what it’s like to be in need of help, and are first in line when others need something they can give.


People with integrity know that being kind to others is priority number one. These people treat those who can do nothing for them the same as they treat everyone else.
If you can be anything in this world, be kind.

Raising others up

Sometimes you come across people who love to tear others down . Everyone needs someone who support them, but those with integrity go the extra mile. Genuine individuals want you to succeed so they will hold you to your goals and help you achieve them. They know how good it feels to be supported and recognized, and love doing this for others.

Valuing others time

The last thing you need is someone who doesn’t’ value your time. People with integrity will always have time for you or will fit you in their schedule when they can. If they’re going to be late, they let you know right away. If they’ve boked an hour of your time, they don’t’ take two. My team members time is important, we are mindful of how we interrupt them.


Do you have a friend who seems to be able to read your feelings no matter how well you try and cover them up? It’s because they’re intuitive, and it’s a valuable trait to have. Being intuitive doesn’t have to be “woo-woo”. Intuitive people are plugged in to the world around them, they are present. They see, feel and hear clues all around, and derive emotional intelligence from those auxiliary inputs. People with integrity use their intuition wisely, strengthening relationships and helping to mediate uncomfortable situations.

Believing in people

Not only can genuine and reliable people be trusted, but they also trust and rely on other people. For people with integrity, you’re in their good graces unless you give them a good reason not to be. There is no reason not to give people the benefit of the doubt, and no one knows that better than someone with integrity. Trustworthy people tend to be trusting.

Seeing the best in others

Along with taking people at their word, there is something to be said for the way people with integrity view others. We truly are more alike than we are different. By zeroing in on the good stuff we all possess, we can help each other get even better. People with a strong sense of integrity really get this. Even when it might seem difficult, there is something good in us all. Is is just the situation which means you’re not seeing yourself or others at their best.