The Jade Story

The Jade Story

Before the realisation of the Feng shui symbolism, our company director Dianne remembers regularly searching her Mother’s ‘money tree’ in her family backyard, but as a young girl she never found any.

On thinking of a name for the business Dianne was sitting on the back deck at home and looking at the Jade tree her sister – Vicki had given her when moving back to Queensland after 15 years of working around Australia.  It suddenly came to her – Jade Financial Group.  The cutting her sister gave her as a house warming present was six foot and the perfect way to link financial well-being, prosperity and her family in Dianne’s new world.

We now give our Clients a cutting from the original 40 year old tree from when Dianne was a little girl.  It’s symbolic and reminds us, and our Clients of what they want to achieve in their financial life.  Our Clients have come to love the Jade tree from another perspective and connect the story of Jade and how we became who we are today.

Now Jade Financial Group has been a part of the Ipswich Community for over 30 years.  It is a constantly evolving Ipswich business, determined to improve our Community as well as our Clients’ Financial wellbeing. 

Financial Planning is essential when building a flexible and successful lifestyle that will be sustainable and continue to improve.  In our business we constantly regenerate, using up to date technology and innovation, partnering with our Client’s, and the Community’s ever changing needs.

The Jade Team are a multi-generational group reflecting our belief in nurturing, developing and sharing our capabilities to be more attuned with our Clientele, businesses we work with, as well as our personal development.

In being dedicated to professional education and life-long learning, we at Jade FG commit to this same partnership with our Clients. The goal of which, is to provide you with our personal attention to take every opportunity to benefit from our expertise and develop your own Financial Planning knowledge and broaden your understanding.