Where do you put your money when you’re in between investments?

When you think of an investor, what image springs to mind? For many of us it’s a driven day trader, running on adrenalin, hunched over multiple screens, and buying and selling shares frenetically for marginal gains. There certainly are some full-time professional investors out there, sweating every trade. But the reality is, investors come in all shapes and sizes. … Read more

Memory loss, dementia and your money

Memory loss can make it difficult to stay in control of your money. Things like checking bank statements or investments, or paying bills may become challenging. If you’re starting to struggle, it’s time to put some safeguards in place. A few simple steps will help you and your loved ones protect your money and prepare … Read more

Planning financially for a career break

A pause in super contributions can have long-lasting effects. Here’s how to plan ahead for super breaks. There’s a host of reasons why people take career breaks. Having and raising children, or taking an extended holiday or sabbatical, are the most common reasons. Vanguard’s 2023 How Australia Retires study, based on a survey of more than 1,800 … Read more